You have worked hard to develop your logo, brand colours and corporate imagery. But that is just the icing. In order to get your message across, you need to actually say (and write) something. And when do you it right, you theoretically don´t even need your logo next to it anymore. Here´s how…

Content is key - visuals are mostly the key ring

Visuals vary from mere eye catchers to real eye candy. Really meaningful imagery is rare to find. But nevertheless are they important for your wholesome brand experience. Visuals should be chosen wisely as they have the power to support or undermine the verbal message.

What is the verbal message and why is it so important?

Everything you say…

Parents are the more productive employees, research shows. So you want to keep them and you want to keep them happy. How can you support fresh parents returning to work after their parental leave? Here is how:

Coming back from parental leave is not always easy. Coping with sleep, sports and leisure time deprivation is just one part of it. The other one is dealing with changes at the workplace, like new faces, new processes, new tools and making it work in part time etc.

But having a child is one of the most rewarding things in life. Here is…

Mareike Mutzberg

Startup Culture, Corporate Communications, Solution Focused Mindset, Generalist Coaching

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